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Synygy Develops Automated Workflow and Process Automation Software Application for Competency Assessment

Client collaboration leads to new sales performance management application

Synygy Inc., a provider of sales performance management (SPM) solutions, announced today that collaborative efforts with a key client have led to a new application of Synygy's SPM software, an automated workflow and process automation solution that ties salesperson competency attainment to compensation.

By integrating competency assessment and the sales compensation management processes, clients are now able to realize multiple benefits, including:

• Sustained and equitable reinforcement of corporate values as a result of a consistent approach to competency assessment across its sales forces

• Insight into the overall competency level of the sales organization due to regular and frequent reporting and analysis

• Higher employee satisfaction as a result of greater rewards for salespeople who embrace the acquisition of new competencies

Synygy's SPM solutions encompass10 key areas of sales operations:

1. Sales Territories and Channels: including segmentation, targeting, and call and activity planning

2. Sales Talent: including implementation and management of processes for recruiting and training salespeople, conducting performance reviews and skills assessments, and managing total compensation

3. Sales Quotas: including quota design methodologies, quota setting, and the design and implementation of processes for managing quotas

4. Sales Objectives: including objectives (MBO) plan design and rollout and the implementation and management of MBO plans

5. Sales Compensation: including plan design, modeling, and rollout; and the implementation and on-going management of sales compensation plans

6. Sales Metrics and Analytics: including the design of performance metrics, data warehousing, and data analytics

7. Sales Data Processes: including the design and implementation of processes for collecting, integrating, validating, adjusting, and maintaining sales and sales-related data

8. Sales Reports: including the design of salesperson reports and implementation of processes for creating, validating, and distributing reports

9. Sales Analyses: including the design of sales performance and plan effectiveness analyses for managers and executives, and the implementation of processes for creating, validating, and distributing analyses

10. Sales Communications: including implementation of processes for managing inquiries and disputes and gathering feedback from the sales force